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FBS Correspondence to be sent to this Address


Permanent Address Same as FBS Correspondence Address


Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Nominee 3

I do hereby declare that the above information is true and I have not withheld any information whatsoever regarding my particulars and my membership can be terminated if any information is found to be incorrect. I agree to pay the Fraternity Contributions as per the rules and regulations of this Scheme.

I, further agree to abide by all the rules & bye-laws of DSBT - “Family Benefit Scheme” and also any amendments to be made from time to time in the constitution / by laws of FBS. I will not proceed legally against DSBT - Family Benefit Scheme, without going to the Arbitration Committee of the FBS. Any change of my address will be informed to FBS office from time to time.

Note: Please fill up the form and complete the payment. For any other clarification you can contact us at familybenefitscheme@gmail.com