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General Benefits

Experience the privileges and extraordinary value of IDA Membership. Only IDA offers its members access to a range of professional, social, well-being and leisure facilities.

IDA offers its members a range of privileges, services, offers and benefits, and the chance to become involved in a variety of member interest groups, events and activities. IDA members enjoy access to:

  • Personalized Membership Kit.
  • Complimentary IDA Times for Professionals.
  • Complimentary Student Digest for Students.
  • Discount on IDA Publications.
  • Participation in IDA-Colgate OHM Activity, School Programme.
  • Discounts on IDA catalogue - Patient Education Collaterals.
  • Continuing Dental Education. (CDE)
  • Scholarship for Students.
  • Employment Bureau.
  • Recognition Program – PROFILE OF THE MONTH & PROFILE OF THE YEAR for professionals and student members.
  • Internship Opportunities.
  • Support for Starting New Practice.

Financial Benefits

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Motor Insurance

Hotel Benefits

  • Heavy Discount for IDA members at Clarks Hotel.

Dental Events / Trade

  • One stop solution for all dental products
  • Networking

Scientific Programs

  • Credit points
  • Certifications
  • Discounted Fees

Health Initiative Activity

  • Participation in National Oral Health Program (NOHP)
  • Corporate and School dental checkups
  • TII/OCF/CDC/EDC/Healing smile

Science & Education

  • Continuing Dental Education Programmes
  • Educational Training Centre (ETC) – Lectures & Hands-on Course
  • Fellowship Programmes – Clinical Research, Forensic Odontology, Evidence-based Dentistry, Sports Dentistry, Practice Management and Marketing, Laser in Dentistry.
  • Knowledge Center – Webinars
  • Online Education – CE Online
  • Learning Capsule
  • Group Discussions
  • Forums
  • Seminars
  • IDA accreditation and credit points

IDA Membership enriches your life and your profession.

Our membership provides YOU an opportunity for:

1. Personal Satisfaction : IDA membership gives you flexibility to balance professional life and personal goals. Get personal satisfaction by helping people maintain and improve their oral health, quality of life and appearance.

2. Status and Prestige: Dentists are socially conscious, talented, civic-minded professionals who promote oral health care. We assure, that our member dentists are 100% up-to-date about the latest information about procedures, conditions, medications, and technologies — pertaining to every kind of dentistry. We insure that member dentists agree to the IDA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct.

3. Detection and Prevention of Diseases: You get to play a pro-active role in IDA's network of Tobacco Intervention Initiative (TII) and Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) clinics. Be the first to recognize and identify a number of illnesses– including cancer and cardiovascular problems.

4. Enhances Skills: Learn exciting technologies and techniques for improved diagnosis and treatment.

5. Prevention/education: Play a leadership role in IDA's National Oral Health Programmes (NOHP) for optimal oral health of the nation. Educate patients and the general public on how to maintain oral health and prevent disease.

Benefits of IDA Membership

Access to unique resources: -- We provide an intellectually stimulating and exciting environment from the time of your graduation to retirement.
Member Directory: --- IDA's directory provides contact information of more than 70,000 IDA members. This facilitates referral of a patient to a fellow IDA member or locate old friends.
Renew Your Membership Online: --- This is fast, easy and has to be done annually.

  • Beginning a Career

If you're a college student and planning for a career in dentistry.

IDA is here to help you with: --

Dental Education Programmes : IDA's CDE programmes addresses the challenges facing dental education.

Updates/Information: IDA publications provides comprehensive coverage of activities and scientific advances.

  • Starting a practice

You are starting a new practice IDA here ensures a positive practice environment by balancing your professional and personal life by the following steps:- --

IDA enhances your reputation : Accreditation by IDA enhances your clinic's reputation. This certification by IDA states that best practices are being followed for serving the public, maintaining and improving oral health, quality of life and appearance.

Empowers Dentists: We ensure that your voice is heard. We advocate for legislative changes which will ensure that the profession thrives now and for the future. We educate the public about the importance of oral health and foster a positive attitude about dentistry --- thereby empowering dentists.

Advocates for You and Your Patients: Patients are the hub around which the dental practice revolves. IDA works at building a relationship of trust and confidence between the dentist and patient.

Financial benefits: These have evolved around the idea to save time and money and meet the demands of growing practices.

Health screenings: The dentists are exposed to latex sensitivity and blood borne pathogens during the course of providing treatment. IDA sets parameters for standard precaution and conducts health screening programme.

  • Enriching the career

Check out dental practice support : We help you with issues concerning staff related, insurance, legal, infection control, emergencies in practice and buying dental products and dental therapeutics.

We bring Oral Health into limelight: IDA promotes the importance of proper oral hygiene via our programmes like National Oral Health Month, Dental Check up, Mumbai Smiles,etc. where dentists get a chance to educate the general public on oral health maintenance for improved life.

Improve your practice by management information: As a members you have access to one of the largest dental portal in the world, a comprehensive Web-site offering practice management instructions, effective communication skills and business management to improve your practice.

Focus on patients: We provide business resources (access to products and services ). This helps you focus on patients while keeping your practice financially healthy.

Instills Confidence in Your Decisions: Updates by IDA's on legal aspects, practice, dental technology helps assists the members to take informed decisions.

Alliance of Spouses: Spouses of IDA members are encouraged to join IDA as Alliance members. They are active in a variety of legislative and educational events in the local, state and national area.

  • Preparing for Retirement

Builds Friendship, Camaraderie, and Community: IDA provides networking opportunity to make friends, build professional relationships and have fun. This is a big asset to build a safety-network by the time you actually plan \ think about your retirement.

Eases the Transition to Retirement: IDA provides tools to help plan for retirement, with the IDA Members Retirement Programme, which offers tax- qualified profit sharing, pension and defined benefits plans.


Indian Dental Association provides a Various types of Resources to its members and adds up the in the benefits to its members.

Resources of IDA include:

Membership Kit

This includes the following:

1.Member's Letter :- Welcome letters provide all the information and resources that the new member needs by the way of advise, guidance and support.

2.Annual Report :- This presents, IDA's achievements in the year concluded and sets the goals for the next year.

3.Lapel Pin & Car Stickers:- Lapel pins and car stickers are your unique identification accessories given by IDA.

4.Membership Certificate:- Certifies that you are part of a global network of dental professionals who share a common interest. Your certificate is personalized with your name and type of membership.

5. Membership Cards: - Membership cards are proofs of your association with IDA. These are an important tool to gain entry in any IDA event.


 IDA Product Catalog 

Communicate directly with dental manufacturers and distributors for material and equipment. The IDA Online Catalog is always open.

IDA catalog includes:

  • Personalized products—brochures, bags and more
  • Downloadable products—books and forms
  • Featured items—products and savings updated monthly
  • Special values— savings on select products
  • Surveys and Standards
  • Customer request service tab
  • Catalogs and order forms
  • Search by product number, name, or general information
  • Bidding


IDA Resource Centre

An initiative of Indian Dental Association (IDA), Resource Centre is one-point information hub for dental professionals, students, manufacturers, distributors, publishers, laboratory owners and the general public.

IDA Resource Centre offers a plethora of information about IDA-recommended publications, dental products and oral health products. It also provides drug index that can be used by dental professionals and general public.

IDA Resource Centre consists of:

1. Dental Product Guide: A one-stop solution to find dental manufacturers, distributors and products. It allows you to enhance your clinical practice. The guide allows you to communicate with the manufacturers and distributors to get more information on dental products and equipment. More Details..

2. Dental Publications: Wide range of information to dental professionals and students to stay informed and be prepared for the upcoming challenges in their professional future through the best publications and publishers that revolutionise the dental industry.   More Details..

3. Drug Index: A one-stop solution to find drug manufacturers, distributors and list of drugs used in the field of dentistry and for clinical practice. The guide allows you to communicate with the drug manufacturers and distributors as well.  More Details..

4. Oral Health Product: A one-stop solution to find dental manufacturers, distributors and products. The guide allows you to communicate with the manufacturers and distributors to get more information on consumer-based dental products.  More Details..



  • For students

Sign up and your insurance coverage will be activated immediately. IDA gives you a chance to prepare for the future. Call ----- to learn more

  • Secure your practice

Evaluate your current insurance needs, take a closer look at our products. Let IDA’s Dental Shield insurance be there to protect you. Call ----- to learn more

  • Starting a new practice

Are you in the process of starting a new practice, either as an associate or your own practice? You are not alone. IDA is there by your side to help you get started in practice. Dental Shield Insurance is an insurance policy designed by IDA to meet the needs of its members.
The insurance provides coverage for major diseases, natural calamities, burglary and legal liabilities arising from the errors and omission done during professional service. The plan offers choice and flexibility to that are suitable to dentists. Call ----- to learn more


Membership with IDA will give you strength and support. A voice that can be heard with Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the State Health Ministry. Besides this we are associated with the Dental Council of India and the World Health Organization (Indian Section).
Let me here inform you here, that IDA conducts oral healthcare programmes in association with the above for the nation's optimal oral health.

  • Affiliate Membership

We are affiliate members of the World Dental Federation (FDI), International Association of Dental Research, Asia Pacific Dental Federation, Commonwealth Dental Association and SRNT. IDA jointly works with them for the common goal of leading the world to optimum oral health.

  • Public Private Partnership

Our oral health initiatives are also conducted under public-private-partnership for a better outreach. IDA's All India Dental Wellness Initiative and All India Oral Health Survey were under the aegis of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI.This survey provided information and tools to policy makers to assess and monitor health needs, choose intervention strategies and design appropriate policy options.

Another example which can be quoted here is IDA's campaign against tobacco use in partnership with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, resulted in a total ban on smoking in public places.
Our Oral Cancer Foundation and the SPOT and TII Centres for early detection and treatment are on anvil to be set up across India in collaboration with State government and corporate participation.

IDA is a pro-active member of international associations such as the Federation of Dentaire International (FDI), the Asian Pacific Dental Federation (APDF), Commonwealth Dental Association (CDA), (IADR) International Association of Dental Research.

This gives YOU the opportunity to participate in projects oral health care projects worldwide.

Science And Education

Indian Dental Association (IDA) supports advancements in Science and Education.

IDA focuses on International Standards and Dental Research that can help Dental Professionals and Dental Students

IDA also focuses on Dental Scientific and Technological Skills giving aid to benefit for Dental Professionals and Dental Students
IDA Science & Education segment is essential for Dental Professionals and Students rendering quality treatments and oral healthcare services, which will further lead to achieving greater patient satisfaction

IDA- Continuing Dental Education (CDE)

IDA- Continuing Dental Education (CDE) advocates lifelong learning to enhance and update the knowledge base of dentists, stimulate ongoing professional growth and development. These are a set minimum number of hours that each dentist is required to fulfill on an annual basis in order to remain accredited.
For members' convenience, IDA has recently added an array of new online offerings "E- education" making learning easier.



Educational Training Centre 


Participate in Educational Training Centre for the following

  • Lectures / Workshops where clinical practical training lectures are imparted
  • Practical demonstration
  • Hands-on experience
  • Group discussion
  • Online Education :– Distance learning programme
  • Educational programmes – at learners’convenience

Each are unique from each other and provide cutting-edge education.


Knowledge Centre 

Online interactive learning platform like recorded and live webinars
A platform - to deliver webinars / webcast facilitating interactions
One of the best modes of delivering education
IDA has equipped itself with, to serve knowledge eagerness of Dental Professionals.

Learning Capsule 

First-hand on the latest products and technology
Offers participants a platform to have access to latest products, services and technology in dentistry
With Learning Capsule, they can interact and learn from dental companies about the latest innovation in dentistry

Live Seminars

Experience live seminars in various categories and topics- also known as R. Ahmed Programme.

Fellowship Programmes 


Get yourself recognized amongst peers
Fellowship Programmes offer a roadmap for those who want to consider entering an academic career.

IDA currently offers Fellowship Programmes in Six categories that range from 6 months to 1 year time span.Following Fellowship Programmes

  • Clinical Research
  • Forensic Odontology
  • Evidence-based Dentistry
  • Sports Dentistry
  • Practice Management and Marketing
  • Laser in Dentistry

  • IDA currently offers Fellowship Programmes in Six categories that range from 6 months to 1 year time span.Following Fellowship Programmes

Clinical Research

Class room learning, distance learning courses new ways to enhance knowledge and practice
Clinical Research offers new job opportunities in abundance along with the BDS qualifications allowing dental professionals to set very high standards for themselves in their careers
A branch of healthcare science, determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, diagnostic products
It is different from clinical practice where the focus is on established treatments.

Forensic Odontology

Forensic Science (often known as forensics) is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences and technologies to investigate and establish the facts of interest in relation to criminal or civil law.The dental aspects of these cases are handled by a Forensic Odontologist. Forensic Science (often known as forensics) is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences and technologies to investigate and establish the facts of interest in relation to criminal or civil law.The dental aspects of these cases are handled by a Forensic Odontologist.

Educational programmes

 IDA realises that a dental degree is the beginning of a commitment to continuing dental education throughout one’s professional life. Therefore, IDA is a resource for lifelong learning and our primary purpose is to enable the practitioner to sustain and augment learning through scientific sessions, seminars and programmes.

The dental professional is given the information and education to practice confidently and productively. They are kept up- to-date about the latest technical and scientific advances. For members' convenience, IDA has recently added an array of new online offerings "E- education" making learning easier than ever.